Cathy Hopkins lives in North London with her handsome husband and three deranged cats. She has had nineteen books published. The fifth book in the Mates. Cathy Hopkins lives with her husband and cats in Bath and has written some of the best-known teen fiction. Her hugely popular MATES, DATES series sold over . Mates, Dates is a series of books written for teenagers by Cathy Hopkins. The characters later Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras – A turning point has come in Lucy’s life, but she doesn’t want it. Lucy is pressured to figure out what she wants .

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I liked the audiobook narrator.

Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras : Library Edition

So, after a week of continuous searching, she found him! Nesta and Izzy look sixteen, but Lucy, at fourteen, can easily pass for a twelve-year-old. They go through all kinds of teenage problems, from boys, bras, and being broke, to finding one’s place in the world.

Nov 15, Nicole Harney rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I really look mares to rereading the rest of this series this year, and remembering my early teenage-hood, where the only things that mattered were school, friends, and getting your crush to notice you. I can relate to every character in the story. Views Read Edit Ahd history. Want to Read saving….

Mates, Dates Series 1 42 Apr 29, She is rich, beautiful, and all the guys swoon over her. The characters later cross over into her other popular book series Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise. She’s afraid shes losing her best friend Izzie to the new girl Nesta and she really wants to meet the handsome boy she saw walking out of St.


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Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras – Cathy Hopkins – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

Throughout the book with the help of her friends, Lucy finds out who she really is and becomes more confident with herself then she had ever been.

I love this series because it’s so brzs, which every girl needs every once in a while.

May 20, Ms. Which is why I give this book exactly 5 stars. This series has a real nostalgia attached to it now as I can remember being so obsessed hopkin each character.

Can three girls inflatanle best friends? Everything is changing around her, and suddenly she has to make all sorts of decisions. This book is about A girl named Lucy trying to get her best friend back, Izzie from the new girl Nesta. Everyone else knows who and what they want to be, except her.

Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras

I’m almost done with the whole series and can easily read one of Cathy Hopkins books in one sitting because of the way it hooks me in right away with it’s endless fun. They were all given an assignment by their teacher, Wacko Watkins as they call her, to write about themselves; their likes dislikes, what they want to do when their older. You see, It was in fifth grade and this new girl gloriela came along and she kept on hanging out with my friends. Titles are the same in the U.


Teenage znd are the same the world over. She has had nineteen books published.

See more by Cathy Hopkins. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Point of view Tips on technique 4: With totally relatable characters, it feels like having a laugh with your girlfriends. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But she thinks this new girl named Nesta is gonna take her away. When I was 14 – and even now that I think about it – everthing is a big deal. Lucy just doesn’t know what do with her life, unlike her best friends Lucy feels like everything is changing around her, and suddenly she is required to make all sorts of decisions.

Nesta is a perosn who everyone was suppose to be jealous of. The fact that Lucy got panicked over really silly things and overthinking what people had said- almost paranoid in some parts – was exacly the things that I did. Her teacher, whom she calls Wacko decides mahes assign the students an essay question, “What makes me me?

This was about a girl named Lucy who was trying to find out who wants to be and about her romance and friends. Also, I know that in a few weeks I will definitely be reading this book again. Especially when it came to friendships.